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eufyCam 3C (S300) 2 Pack with HomeBase 3 @eufyByMoonlight

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Immerse yourself in the clarity and precision of 4K surveillance with the eufyCam 3C (S300) 2 Pack, presented @eufyByMoonlight. Designed to elevate your home security to unparalleled heights, this kit is not just an addition to your home safety measures; it’s a comprehensive upgrade.


Crystal Clear 4K Resolution

The eufyCam 3C delivers images in stunning 4K resolution, ensuring every minute detail is captured with clarity. From identifying facial features to reading license plates from a distance of up to 10 meters, the camera misses nothing.


Vivid Colour Night Vision

Experience the nocturnal world in vivid colour with our advanced starlight sensor and a generous F/1.4 aperture. Darkness no longer conceals the truth, as the eufyCam 3C unveils the reality of the night with precision and colour accuracy.


Extended Security on a Single Charge

Reliability is key in security, and the eufyCam 3C stands guard with up to 180 days of protection on a single charge. This enduring vigilance ensures your peace of mind from dawn till dusk, and beyond.

eufyCam 3C (S300) 2 Pack with HomeBase 3


Expansive Local Storage Options

Your data remains under your control. Start with a generous 16GB of inbuilt encrypted storage and expand up to an immense 16TB via hard drive (sold separately) without ever worrying about recurring fees.


Revolutionary BionicMind™ AI

BionicMind™ AI revolutionizes your security with facial recognition technology that learns to distinguish between familiar faces and strangers, enhancing the intelligence of your system with each interaction.


Voice-Activated Convenience

Integrate eufyCam 3C seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem with voice activation through Alexa and the Google Assistant. Control has never been so effortless.


No Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs

Enjoy the full suite of features and benefits without the burden of monthly fees. The eufyCam 3C is a one-time investment into lifelong security.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is eufyCam 3C compatible with Apple HomeKit?

Currently, eufyCam 3C syncs with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Apple HomeKit integration is under development, and we invite you to stay tuned for updates.

How does the built-in solar panel perform?

Optimal solar exposure can keep the camera operational for a day with just 2 hours of sunlight. Performance may vary with weather conditions but rest assured, the eufyCam 3C will recharge once the sun is out again.

Is 24/7 recording supported?

To achieve a perfect balance between battery life and event capture, the eufyCam 3C does not support 24/7 recording, focusing instead on pivotal moments for efficient energy use.

Can I connect HomeBase 3 via Wi-Fi?

HomeBase 3 currently connects via ethernet. Wi-Fi connectivity is anticipated in an upcoming software update expected by the end of December 2022.

Elevate your home’s security with the eufyCam 3C (S300) 2 Pack with HomeBase 3 – because @eufyByMoonlight, we believe safety should come with no compromises.

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