Wynn Vale, South Australia

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Switchboard Upgrades

A new switchboard installation has many more benefits, not the least being electrical safety.


If you have a switchboard like this it could impose a serious fire Risks. Contact us Now to Quote on having your switchboard wired to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS3000:2018


It is mandatory by today’s standard that each circuit is put onto its own separate combined circuit breaker/safety switch, (RCBO) therefore providing your family with greater protection from electrocution and reducing the risk of fire.


Switchboard Upgrades : Our team of electricians can carry out all of your electrical switchboard wiring and switchboard upgrades to your home or commercial property. 


All our team have the qualifications to supply an electrical switchboard upgrade whether it is domestic or commercial.



At Moonlight Electrical & Security Pty Ltd we are all about the customers safety both from fire and electrocution.


Older style buildings and homes that have rewireable fuses pose a much higher risk of having an electrical fire occur. They also increase the risk of electrical shock.


With an older home the switchboard wasn’t designed to suit today’s needs In an Older domestic switchboard the Load was a few lights, washing machine and possibly an 32a electric Oven. If you are considering renovating your home to incorporate LED Lighting, Outdoor heating, ceiling fans, Electric outdoor Heaters, Kitchen Renovation or a small extension then you should ask one of our team to provide you with a Switchboard inspection whether it is domestic or commercial. We are also able to provide you with a Thermal imaging report on your switchboard. This will provide vital information with regards to any Hot Spots which are potential fire risk as not all hot spots are visible to the naked eye.


Switchboard Repairs


If you have been experiencing power supply problems at your power points or lighting it may be due to a faulty switchboard. One of our Moonlight Electrical & Security PTY LTD experts can visit your home or business, at a time to suit you and perform a professional assessment and any repairs to ensure your switchboard meets Australian Standards. We can perform a Heat Scan on your switchboard in order to find any hotspots or potential problems.



And you might not realize the potential risk of fire from within your switchboard.